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John and Martha Agoseinelli
Lesli Alcorn
Jay and Sandra Aldrich
Bill Alexander
Porter and Shara Alexander
Lynn and John Anderson
Steve and Barbara Apking
David and Meg Arning
Mattand Leigh Avery
Barbara Bailes
Steve and Bernadette Baker
Michael and Cathryn Baker
Scott Ballard and Merri Scott Wyatt
Chip Barry
Melinda Basler and Jimmy Massey
Leslie Bazzoon
Walt and Gray Bearden
Robert Bebber and Elizabeth Elkins
James Beckham
Tricia Bell
James and Paige Bell
Gail and Trey Benefield
Gary and Julia Bentley
Cate and Jim Biggs
Rick and Jenny Blackburn
Sid and Jo Blalock
Ken and Lisa Bodie
Martha Boggs and David Patterson
Carla and Brad Bower
Jenny and Randy Boyd
Bedros and Dara Bozdogan
Christi and Scott Branscom
Robert and Rebecca Brehmer
Andrea Brewer
Mary Ellen and Steve Brewington
Joseph and Kathy Brown
Ray and Ann Browning
Robert and Stefanie Burcham
Dane Burdette
Gayle Burnett
Jeremy and Cary Busby
John Bushore and Betsy Haughton
Nicholas and Tina Cakmes
Ed and Kim Campbell
Christopher Carter and Mark Smith
Michael and Jane Casey
Chris Chandler and Rachel Zizka
Tim and Katherine Chandler
Cory Chapman and Matthew Sloan
Bob and Teresa Clark
Doc Claussen
Jim Clayton and Rhonda Rice
Robert and Mary Anne Cofer
Mike Cohen
Connie Collier and Reginald Sisson
Mark and Sharon Collins
Michael Combs
Mike and Carol Connor
Mark and Katie Connor
Ivan and Carole Cooper
Dan and Darcie Cotten
Sandra Coward
John Craig
Jill and Scott Crawford
Kenneth and Jane Creed
Betsey Creekmore
Rip and Joann Creekmore
Amelia Crotwell and Michale Mailahn
Stacy Crow
Jimmy and Lois Dalton
Jed and Marsha Dance
Johnny Davis and Jorja Clark
Marleen and TK Davis
Nancy and Paula Dearolf
Chris and Lisa Denny
Lucinda Denton
George and Cathy Depanicis
David and Tracy Dewhirst
Sarah and Hardy DeYoung
Orlando and Donna Diaz
Arthur and Desiree Dick
Robert and Veronica Dobson
Erin Donovan
Rick and Laurie Dover
Natalie Dowling
David and Shannon Driver
Paul Drozdowski and Donna Lefebvre
Eric and Janet Drumm
Don and Nancy Dunning
Jimmy Durham
Richard and Susan Edwards
Curtis and Marcia Elam
Robert and Rita Elwood
Robert and Nancy Esker
Cameron and Carol Faircloth
Ron and Melissa Feinbaum
Tom and Sabrina Feiten
Arthur and Judy Fenton
James and Diane Fitzsimmons
Ted Flickinger and Julie Howard
Tyler Fogarty and Marianna Jablonski
Rick Fox and Ralph Cianelli
Robert and Cindy Fox
Susanne Foxx
Don and Corky Freeman
Bart and Marti Fricks
Vince and Carol Fusco
Doug Gamble and Nina Gregg
Lisa and David Gamble
Jeff Gardner
Julia Gause and James Johnson
Philip Geyer
Cynthia Gibson and David Gilbert
Amy and Jeff Gilbert
Wesley Goddard and Randall DeFord
Margaret Goodman
Laurel Goodrich and Jim Harb
Robert and Susan Goodwin
Tom and Monica Gouffon
Randal and Marguerite Graham
Marsha and Duane Grieve
Harvey Hall
Becky and Steve Hancock
Grant and Ann Hansen
Matthew and Linda Harris
Tami and Bruce Hartmann
William E. and Hannah Haslam, Jr.
David and Ilka Hatfield
Beverly Healy and Michael Franklin
Betty Heinig
Alan and Kathleen Henderson
James and Donna Henkel
Kelly Hider and Sam Carter
Richard and Deanna Hill
Jenny Hines and Tom Jester
Philip Hipps and Bill Cameron
Dr and Mrs. J. Parks Hitch, Jr.
Douglas Hodson
Felicia Harris Hoehne
Dan and Mary Holbrook
Marsha Hollingsworth
Kevin and Diana Homan
Lila Honaker
Jay and Tammy Hooper
Daniel and Jessica Horton
Nina and Brad Howell
David and Heather Hughes
Patty and Dan Hurst
Lisa and Kirk Icuss
Lee and Bitsy Ingram
Martin and Carol Inkrott
Larsen and Adrian Jay
Jenny and Phillip Jennings
Paula Jennings and David Diehl
Brett and Angie Johnson
Jeffrey and Evelyn Johnson
Larry and Ronda Johnson
Mickey and Lori Johnson
Tonjanita and Tony Johnson
William and Sally Johnson
Donna Johnston
David and Jeanne Claire Jones
Samyah Jubran
Marty and Joe Keefe
Jeanette Kelleher and Gregory Stein
Michael and Jaan Anne Kelly
Reba and Ronald Kennedy
John and Diane Kerr
Danny and Liz King
Mark and Ann King
Chris and Tami Kittrell
Peggy and Paul Klein
Bill and Carolyn Koontz
Matt and Pam Landry
Robert A. Langley
Robert Lederer
Richard and Pamela Lee
Sherri P. Lee
Jim and Dee Lilley
Julie Little and Kendall Wells
Doug and Patty Lumpkin
Douglas Luttrell
Kristi and Steven Maddox
Mickey Mallonee
Mark and Cathy Mamantov
Charmaine Mamantov
Mike and Lacy Mangione
Bryan Martin
David and Sandy Martin
Ryan and Kristen McBee
Elizabeth and Fred McBee
Julie McCallie
Melissa McCartney and Tim Adler
Dolores McDowell-Schaffer
Carol McGehee
Kathy and Ed McGinley
Pamela McMahan
Graham and Kimberly McNeil
David and Wendy Metz
Donald and Barbara Metzger
John and Elizabeth Milam
Michael and Barbara Miller
Tom and Tonya Miller
William and Patrice Minteer
Charlene and Joe Mischlich
Sam Mishu
Arthur and Marsha Mitchell
Janice Mitchell and Wayne Honeycutt
Sally Mitchell and Crispin Spencer
Sam and Ellen Moffat
David and Sien Moon
Mikki Mosley
Jen and Matt Mowrer
Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael
Tracy Mulder
Annalee and David Myers
Bonna Nash
Melissa and Walter North
Waleed Nour
James and Sue Oakes
Linda Ousley
Dennis Owen
Tom and Fredda Owens
Richard Pacelle and Fenton Martin
Peter Pallesen
Johnathan and Tabitha Palmer
Paul and Michelle Pardue
Tony Parkerson
Janet and Philip Parkey
Brandon and Beth Parks
Anthony Parnell
Carol Payne
Dr. J Randall and Jayne Pearce
Dale Pearson
William and Therese Peek
Tracy Pesut and Randy Petty
Stacy and Michael Pfeffer
Avis Phillips
William Pippin
Cheri and Robert Pollack
William and Rosemary Pryor
Allyn Purvis and John Schwartz
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Queen
Karen Reagor
James Reca
Steve Rector
Alvin Reece and Angie Sullivan
Kevin and Kristen Rice
Emily Sue Richardson
Roger and Anita Richmond
William and Becky Rieger
Jerry and Denise Rivers
Melinda and Charles Robbins
Sherri and Jeff Robinson
Michael and Karen Rodgers
Doug and Jennifer Ross
Howard and Janice Rosser
Ed and Lisa Rottman
Yolanda Sanchez
Roger and Mary Ellen Sanders
Jean and Michael Sanford
Finbarr Saunders and Ellen Bebb
Gregory and Amy Scalf
Zane and Teresa Scarlett
James and Marcedes Schindler
Tracy Schomisch
Todd and Sharon Schultz
Cory and Shannon Schupp
Randolph and Katrina Scott
Nathan and Christiana Seay
Heather Seiber
Arthur G. and Betty Anne Seymour, Jr.
Cecilia Shanks
Tom and Evelyn Shaw
John and Alice Sheffield
Karen Shelton
Amy and Tripp Shewmake
Gale and Carter Shipe
Richard and Marla Short
Jack and Maggie Singleton
Tom and Blair Skaggs
Janice Slyman
D Warren and Katherine Smith
Kendrick and Hollie Smith
Katie Smith and Jeremiah Goldston
Lonna W. Smith
Peter and Debby Smith
Sean Smith
Lou Smith and Paul Parris
Nita and Michael Smothers
Noah Spradling and India Boyd
Harvey and Sylvia Sproul
Ryan and Shawna Spurgeon
W Todd and Ashley Stamper
Jennie Stewart
Teresa and Stephen Stewart
Alexandria Stewart and David Cook
Kimberly and Greg Stowell
Robin Surber
Jeff and Elizabeth Swilley
Sandi Swilley
John and Kathy Tedford
Donna Terzak
Barbara J. Thayer and Charles S. Bacon
Alan and Melissa Theyken
Bryan Thomas
Guy and Patricia Thomas
John Z. C. Thomas
Brenda Thoms
Craig Thompson
Darrell and Teena Tipton
Bo and Beth Townsend
Rod and Kathy Townsend
Lance and Marnie Tracy
Larry and Kathleen Tragesser
Peggy and Ron Turner
Terry and Linda Tyler
Robyn and George Ulrich
Marc and Teressa Upchurch
Alexina and William Van Pelt
Donnie and Robin Vannoy
Georgiana Vines
Nancy Voith and Kenneth Stark
Nancy and Malcolm Walker
Paul Wampler
Jim and Candy Wansley
Jennifer and Ken Waterhouse
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel James Weber
Martha Weeks
Cynthia and John West
Don and Jonni West
Michael and Sherry Whitaker
Mariane Whittemore
Jean and Scott Wilhoite
Holly and Ty Williams
Susan and Dick Williams
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Williford
Russ and Nicole Wilson
John Winbigler
Todd Witcher and Cheryl Holcombe
Okie Wolfe
Dale and Wendy Wortham
Stephen and Kaye Wright
Jim and Cathy Zarchin